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The Foundation for Enhancing Communities is accepting proposals for grants through the Whitaker Foundation Regional Math and Science Program.

The Whitaker Fund for Math Science Education, a fund of the Foundation for Enhancing Communities, will accept applications for programs that address math and science proficiency including: educational needs of all students and adults in math and science; math and science skills for all students and adults seeking a career in math- and science-based professions; culturally and gender sensitive math and science instruction; math and science curriculum development; and interactive teaching instruction.

In 2013, 18 programs received $137,088. Agencies that received funding in 2013 included Boys Girls Club of Harrisburg ($8,000 for Mastering Math: An After School Math Program), Covenant Christian Academy ($6,671 for durable equipment for the grammar school science lab), Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art ($5,000 for Opening Young Minds to Science through the Mystery and Beauty of Owls), Purple Feet Foundation ($4,350 for the thinc Program and Community Science Night), Tri County Opportunities Industrialization Center ($4,000 for “Science – Experiment with Fun” afterschool program) and YWCA of Greater Harrisburg ($5,000 for TechGYRLS).

There is no maximum request amount; however, approximately $100,000 is available. The average award in 2013 was $7,600. Applicants must be either a registered 501(c)(3) organization, or have a registered nonprofit organization act as a fiscal sponsor for the proposed project.

An applying organization can be physically located in another county; however, services must be provided to residents in Cumberland, Dauphin or Perry counties.

Applications must be submitted through The Foundation’s online application system by May 2. Notification of grant awards will be made in July 2014.

For more information, go to www.tfec.org.

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