Touring Texas A&M University-Central Texas during preview day

Potential future students of the Texas AM University-Central Texas were briefed on the economic benefits of attending the school during Warrior Preview Day on Saturday.

The event was open to the community and afforded students attending junior colleges or those who recently graduated from high school an opportunity to tour its facilities and learn what to expect if they choose to attend.

Students wishing to attend must first complete their freshman and sophomore college classes before they will be accepted at AM-Central Texas.

“Because we are an upper level institution, students do have to attend or take classes and complete their general education courses and then they can come here and take their upper level junior and senior level course,” said Stephani Stachniak, the associate director of undergraduate admissions and recruitment.

Stachniak said students can attain their lower level courses from any community college but AM-Central Texas and Central Texas College have a partnership that allows students to transfer their credits from one university to the other seamlessly.

“We like to invite students out either when they’re a senior in high school or first year at CTC so that we can help advise them as to the best classes to take at the community college to be able to transfer here and make sure all their classes will transfer when they come,” said Christie Morse, an admissions counselor at the university. “To make sure those classes they are taking at CTC are going to fit directly into their degree plan here.”

Morse, who recently graduated with a degree in sociology, said she worked with AM-Central Texas advisors while attending CTC which made earning her degree affordable.

“We are the second most affordable public university in the state of Texas,” said Morse. “You can get your whole undergraduate degree with us and CTC for under $19,000.”

Morse said another incentive for attending AM-Central Texas was the student-to-professor ratio.

“We have a 13-1 student to teacher ratio so the classes are small and you get a personal experience with the professors which helps you in the long run,” Morse said.

Morse said some public universities can have classes with hundreds of students with one professor.

During the afternoon event Saturday, prospective students met with current students and faculty and received information on scholarships, financial aid, veterans benefits and toured the campus. Students also had an opportunity to apply to the school with the fee waived if they signed up on the spot.

The school also informed potential students about the book rental program, book price matching program and a tuition guarantee program that locks in the cost of tuition from the time a student is admitted to the time they graduate.

Isabel Cuevas, a recent high school graduate, who will be attending CTC in the fall, plans on attending AM-Central Texas to study nursing after she completes her junior level courses.

“I live closer to here and my family is here, too, and that way I’m not far from them and that way they can help me if something happens,” Cuevas said.

When asked why she wanted to attend AM-Central Texas, Cuevas replied “Because it’s Texas AM.”