Technical Sales Engineer III


Desired Expertise:
Directional Driller, MWD/LWD, Technical Sales
2+ years
Minimum Education:
Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
$77,000 – $86,000 per year
San Antonio, TX, US
Reference Code:
Employment Type:
Full Time Salaried Employee
Job Status:

Active / Open

Job Description:

General Overview
Manage technical requirements of clients, identified through the application of NOV Downhole product lines. To provide product line optimization and ADS services to NOV clients in marketing area and become fully competent in all DH product lines, Drilling Optimization and Drilling Dynamics.


  • Assist in the implementation and supervision of eTools projects from inceptions to completion.
  • Follow up on potential opportunities for NOV DH “Drilling Solutions”
  • Assist in developing people capable of supervising eTools Products and Services in field locations and rig sites
  • Conduct peer review on eTools analysis and QA/QC final reports and presentation deliverables
  • Notify Field Operations Coordinator (FOC) on any potential jobs requiring an FSS as soon as possible
  • Complete prejob checklist with client and sales person. Sales person to forward to inside sales. TSE to forward to FOC and product specialist.
  • Independent rig site and field operational support for ADS Products and Services
  • Rig site bit running operations for various NOV DH drill bit product lines
  • Knowledge and rig site support capabilities for various NOV DH drilling tools
  • Deliver ADS/Optimization project to maximize customer drilling and economic performance
  • Collect, Clean, Filter and Merge BlackBox® and Drilling Data.
  • Full analysis of Data and report generation, presentation and follow up and closure with client
  • If assigned to sales/client, build business plan with sales person.
  • Provide sales support and be able to represent Drilling Solutions at marketing functions
  • Attend client sales meetings to support sales with Drilling Solutions opportunities
  • Quality control and knowledge sharing using NOV DH KM processes
  • Expert user of DH Toolkit software, VibraSCOPE, TerraSCOPE, Hydraulics, BlackBox
  • Comply with Global and Local QHSE policies.
  • Behave in a professional and ethical manner in line with NOV corporate policies
  • Participation in internal and external publicity of Downhole Products and Services
  • Participate in design reviews as required, to provide a proactive approach to product design and development.
  • Champion fieldtesting of all new engineering designs and prototype mechanisms/tools
  • Generate all relevant Engineering Run Reports for all Engineering/Development Tools
  • Obtain, recognize and demonstrate relevant Core Competencies required for promotion to TSE III

Qualifications External

Education and Experience

  • 4 Year Bachelors Degree in Engineering or Related Technical Degree
  • 2+ Years Relevant Oilfield Experience


  • Position may or may not require travel
  • Working hours to be identified by manager
  • Nonstandard work hours, 24/7 contact/availability expectations for rig/operational support
  • Comply with Global and Local QHSE policies.

Applicant Requirements:

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume
does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

Location: North America      

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