Scholarships For More Free College Courses Now Available

As the economy works it way to a fragile recovery, more people are realizing that job security can be found through education. People who hold college degrees tend to hold higher paying jobs, and have better benefits and more of an ability to transition to other jobs if necessary. Getting into college may be the first step to economic stability for individuals and their families.

Many people who want to begin college also work full time. They want to keep their jobs because they have bills to pay, and go to school in their off hours. For how it will fit into their busy lives, a great number of these prospective students are thinking about enrolling in an online college environment.

Students who have never been to school in an online learning situation may be a little hesitant to dedicating a large sum of money on tuition for a type of learning for which they might not be suited. While most students can succeed in an online learning setting, it’s not right for every single student. Being able to try out distance learning before paying tuition money out of your own pocket would be an ideal solution, wouldn’t it?

Students now have the option to try online education. They can apply for a scholarship to try out a free accredited online college class that will count toward their required hours at participating online universities and colleges. The scholarship will pay for one entire class, including online learning materials, leaving no cost to the student except a nominal transcript fee to transfer the credit to the online college or university of their choice.

Students who want to apply for the scholarship must be over age 18, a U.S. citizen, and hold a high school diploma or a GED. They can’t already hold a bachelors degree, or be currently enrolled in college. They must fill out an application and pass a shortened entrance exam. Finally, they are not allowed to have any defaulted student loans.

Students who are awarded the scholarship will have the opportunity to choose from several different classes. In the past, students could choose from only one or two general education requirement classes, but now they can choose from classes that will apply to several specific career fields. The choices have never been broader or more exciting.

The core requirement classes may be good choices for students who have not yet chosen their major. These classes will apply to most major fields as general education requirements for most majors. However, students who have interest in criminal justice can take an intro to criminal justice class. Students who want to work in the medical field can enroll in a free medical terminology class, and students who are interested in business can take an intro to business course.

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