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Desired Expertise:
0+ years
Minimum Education:
High School/Secondary
Oklahoma City, OK, US
Employment Type:
Full Time Salaried Employee
Job Status:

Active / Open

Job Description:

Brief Description  
   The Floorhand assists the Motorhand, Derrickhand, and Driller in day-to-day rig operations.   Major responsibilities include general maintenance and cleaning, checking the rig and equipment, and assisting in drilling activities.   The Floorhand is responsible for making drill pipe connections and tripping pipe in/out of the drilling hole.   This is an entry-level job that provides initial introductory training and substantial on-the-job training.
Detailed Description  
Key relevant tasks performed by a floorhand include the following:

  • Use iron roughneck, slips, and tongs to properly handle and connect / break sections of drill pipe
  • Clean and general upkeep of the rig and drilling floor; includes regular painting, washing of equipment and related housekeeping duties
  • Regularly check rig and equipment for any problems and safety issues on an ongoing basis
  • Assist Motorhand with preventative maintenance and repairs of equipment and motors, pipe, and off-loading materials
  • Assist Derrickhand with watching and maintaining mud pits and pumps
  • Inspect safety equipment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for wear and replacing as needed
  • Support other crew members by carrying supplies, ensuring compliance with safety procedures and other additional tasks as assigned

Job Requirements  
To qualify to be a Floorhand, an individual must be willing and able to safely perform the following activities:

  • Stand or stand and walk for a minimum of 3.5 hours and up to 12 hours without being able to sit and while wearing steel-toed boots
  • Repetitively climb steep stairs and be able to lift and carry 50 pounds independently up and down the stairs
  • Lift and carry 50 pounds independently while walking on uneven surfaces
  • Bend, stoop, kneel, twist, and crawl throughout the tour work shift
  • Lift and place slips weighing approximately 150 pounds with another person frequently during the tour work shift
  • Independently use heavy-duty handheld and long-handled tools
  • Clear vision to judge near and far distances to maintain awareness of, watch, and report ongoing work activities to coworkers and third parties
  • Accurate recall over short and long-term memory
  • Maintain spatial orientation and awareness to safely move around work environment with many moving objects
  • Stay alert and focused up to 12.5 hours while performing repetitive and routine activities
  • Demonstrate clear communication skills and ability to promptly follow directions
  • Take initiative and work independently during downtime
  • Wear PPE at all designated times.  

Education Requirements and Knowledge

The Floorhand job requires a high school diploma, certificate or equivalent
Additional Details  
This position requires the person to work outdoors for an entire tour work shift in all types of weather conditions, including precipitation, cold / heat, high wind, and turbulent conditions. They will be exposed to the typical conditions of the local area where the rig is located. The Floorhand must work with an emphasis on safety for themselves and others including coworkers and third parties.   They must be able to work closely with others as they will work together in the confined area of the drilling rig and may choose to live together in crew quarters.   They must be willing to work a hitch, which consists of 7 days on / 7 days off, or 14 days on / 14 days off, working 12.5 hour shifts that can include days or nights and as well as weekends and holidays.


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