Roop to run Student Painters branch


By Colin Foster

Students are required to take countless general education courses in their first few years of college — so Zac Roop decided to get ahead of the game on his future career in the management field.

Roop, a 2013 graduate of Graham High School and current freshman sports management major at Bowling Green State University, will do an internship as a branch major for Student Painters this summer. He will run a team of four to five painters in the Troy, St. Paris and Urbana areas.

“I thought it was a good way to pay for my college. I heard it was going to be good money, and it’s going to look good on a resume — those were the main reasons I decided to do it,” Roop said.

Student Painters specializes in exterior painting, such as houses, barns, garage doors and decks. The company is committed to providing personal growth and unlimited career opportunities for college students. Student Painters is in 18 states and on more than 100 college campuses nationwide.

Joel Puthoff, vice president for Young Entrepreneurs Across America Student Painters in the Carolina’s region and a 2004 Russia High School graduate, said the program gives young people the opportunity to run their own business and teaches them important values and ethics.

“It teaches them about the world of management — which is time management, self management and people management. They will also learn leadership skills, communication skills and customer service,” said Puthoff, who ran his own Student Painters branch at Wittenberg University for three years.

Additionally, Student Painters has a partnership with Sherwin-Williams that Puthoff said has allowed the program to take off in recent years.

“The partnership we have with Sherwin has really accelerated our program for two reasons: 1) They give us great discounts on all of our products, and 2) They train and support all of our branch manager painters and assist them in the field. Their support has been a big bonus for our program.”

Though he hasn’t completed training yet, Roop said he has learned a lot in the short time he’s been with the program.

“You’ve got to use all the connections you have and you’ve got to be persistant with people … you’re going to get a lot of ‘no’s,’ but the more ‘no’s’ you get, the closer you get to a ‘yes’ — that’s what I’ve learned so far,” Roop said.

And with an internship — learning is all you can ask for.

To find out more about Student Painters and services offered, visit Roop can be contacted by email at

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