Reveley sets high bar on being an educated person – Daily Press

The announcement that Taylor Reveley, the 27th president of the College of William and Mary will retire in June 2018, after having headed the university for a decade, brought forth an avalanche of reflections on his contribution to higher education.

Before becoming president of the college, Reveley served as dean of the law school for a decade. As an educator he is leaving a high mark at the college.

Prior to becoming an academician, Reveley was a seasoned, practicing lawyer and the author of “War Powers of the President and Congress: Who Holds the Arrow and the Olive Branch?” The volume is considered one of the most authoritative books on the subject. Nowadays, it is a must read.

But, in a way, Reveley was destined to become an educator. His father was president of Hampden-Sydney College, and his son, also named Taylor, is the president at Longwood University.