PPIE announces 14 student grants for innovative projects

Pleasanton Partnerships in Education (PPIE) Foundation announced yesterday the winners of its Innovative Student Grant awards for 2013- 2014.

Fourteen students from Pleasanton schools were awarded a total of $4,992.08 in funding for a variety of student-initiated projects.

“Supporting student initiative and innovation has been a hallmark of the PPIE Foundation grant program since it began over 25 years ago,” said Susan Hayes, PPIE Executive Director.

“The Innovative Student Grant Program remains an important element in PPIE’s mission to enhance education by empowering students through supporting their ideas and dreams.”

The awards went to:

Foothill High School Speech and Debate Club, $420, Lisa Fulton, Foothill High School. Funds provide support for four events.

Hosting Mathleague Middle School Math Contest, $250, Scott Gorsuch, Foothill High School. Funds provide support for hosting a middle school math contest at FHS.

Handbooks for Mathcounts Team, $250, Caryl Daly, Thomas S. Hart Middle School. Funds to purchase team handbooks for math contest to be hosted at Foothill High School.

Hart Interact Junior’s Students Heart Service, $370, Marla Simon, Thomas S. Hart Middle School. Funds to support the club’s Water Pasteurization Indicator project.

E Pluribus Unum Mural, $282.58, Trish Fenton, Foothill High School. Funds to support annual mural project on campus by FHS Mural Club.

Donlon Elementary Garden, $244.16, Betsy Finney, Donlon Elementary School. Funds will provide soil and plants to revitalize the Donlon Elementary Garden and help establish a Garden Club to maintain it.

PMS Chess Club, Equity in Tournament Participation, $250, Elizabeth Brooke-Garza, Pleasanton Middle School. Funds will allow all club members to participate in tournaments regardless of ability to pay.

FHS Ping Pong Club, $400, Gail Myers, Foothill High School. Funds will help establish the school’s Ping Pong Club.

FHS Math Team, $225, Scott Gorsuch. Funds will support the activities of the FHS Math Team.

Yoga at Horizon High School, $492.24, Christine Capitani, Horizon High School. Funds will provide equipment for Horizon’s physical education yoga program.

Film-Making Equipment for Disenfranchised Students, $483.10, Caroline Fields, Foothll High school. Funds will provide equipment for club members who would otherwise not be able to participate.

FHS Science Olympiad, $325, Craig Kelso, Foothill High School. Funds will allow the club to host a STEM-focused competition.

Teens 4 Teens Club Makes “Meals for Munchkins”, $500, Ken Newbery, Foothill High School. Funds will support the club’s project to make meals for families staying at Ronald McDonald House.

ACE Coding- Enhancing Classes, $500, Richard Hanson, Amador Valley High School. Funds will provide materials and support for club outreach activities designed to introduce programming skills to younger students and the community at large.

PPIE also sponsors an annual Innovative Education Grant Program for Pleasanton Unified School District employees. The deadline for applying for the 2014 Education Grant Program is April 16, 2014 and applications can be downloaded from the website www.ppie.org.

Innovative Education Grants fund projects and needs that are student-focused, promote creativity and innovative thinking, and offer expanded learning opportunities to students.

Last year, PPIE awarded over $35,000 in Innovative Education Grants and expects to award close to that amount this year, thanks to a recent donation of $30,000 from the Oracle Giving Foundation to fund projects within the science, math, engineering and technology categories.

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