Physical Education Is Education

Physical Education Is Education

By, Rachel Lott

I am writing in response to the article, “Physical Education Isn’t Education.” I am currently a sophomore physical education major who believes that physical education should remain a general education requirement for all majors. I have taken many different kinds of physical education classes for my major and also know a large number of students who have taken the mandatory general education physical education classes. My experiences, along with my peers’ opinions, have led me to believe that physical education classes are very important for all students to ensure that they have a well rounded college experience. These classes are a vital component to Montclair State University’s general education curriculum. The one-credit classes such as yoga, Fitness for Life, weight training/conditioning, social dance, volleyball, etc. are available for students to learn information that will allow them to live a healthier, active lifestyle. As you can see, there are numerous options available that students can choose.

These classes will benefit them both now and in the future. For instance, I know a student who took weight training/conditioning because he wanted to learn how to lift weights properly. By taking this course, he learned the proper techniques so that he does not injure himself. These courses give students the information and components necessary to have a well-rounded college education. It is important for Montclair students to be exposed to a variety of techniques that can be useful in the future. Learning about a variety of skills and physical activities can only enhance the curriculum for students. Physical Education should be a requirement for all students as a general education class. Not only will physical education help a student become fit, but it will also help the student mentally focus. For example, a freshman linguistics major took yoga as her one credit physical education class. She loved this class, saying, “It made me relaxed, de-stressed and helped me focus better in my other classes.” Participating in physical education allows students to experience new hobbies that could end up being life changing.

Students should work toward their full potential and be active participants in their physical education class in order to succeed at the sport or task at hand. Additionally, physical education classes expose students to situations and methods that might change the direction of their lives in the future. Becoming active in class is difficult in college since a majority of the classes are sedentary and held in lecture halls or classrooms. The physical education requirement will help students develop teamwork and social skills, as well as encourage students to work with peers outside of their majors. These qualities are all needed in the “real world,” no matter what major a student is pursuing.

This will allow students to become well-rounded individuals. With the obesity rate in America growing, physical education is becoming more important for college students to understand since they are the leaders of the future. Living an active and healthy lifestyle is crucial for college students to learn, especially since no one wants the “Freshman 15.” Healthy and active habits need to be learned since it is critical for their future health. Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease are only a few of the health concerns that students who do not remain physically active in college may face as adults. Taking a physical education course will help students learn how to become more active, which will continue in their future endeavors. Physical Education should remain a general education requirement for all students.


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