PCC suspends auto program

Pueblo Community College has suspended its popular automotive program this semester in an effort to realign the program with new standards, the college’s top administrator said Thursday.

PCC President Patty Erjavec said students enrolled in the program have been advised and redirected into other courses that will help them complete their degrees.

Erjavec said some of the standards are accreditation standards, some are Colorado Community College System standards and others are PCC standards.

She said the program review has been in the making for two years.

“These standards all need to be aligned so that we provide the best academic experience for our students as possible,” Erjavec said.

The college is working toward reopening the program in the fall or spring semesters of the 2014-15 school year.

There are currently 168 students enrolled in PCC’s automotive program.

Erjavec said that of those students, 20 were in their last semester. Only one student needed one more class to finish the program.

“He did not want to go anywhere else and so he is waiting,” Erjavec said.

PCC had made arrangements with other schools in the region to allow students to continue on at those institutions. None of the students wanted to leave, Erjavec said.

“I am hopeful that we can get through this in this semester and in the summer. I know one thing, we are not going to reopen it until we have everything in place.”

The program teaches students to perform general maintenance, diagnostics and repair.

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