Letter: AP/IB changes bolster W&M experience

To the Editor:


We read the March 11 article “U. to evaluate AP and IB weight” and want to clarify how AP and IB credits will work under the College of William and Mary’s new undergraduate general education curriculum, also called the College Curriculum (COLL).

The new curriculum requires a total of 10 classes, seven of which carry a “COLL” designation. AP/IB credits cannot be applied to the seven COLL courses. The COLL courses will be designed and taught by WM faculty members to provide students with a common and integrated liberal arts experience over an entire undergraduate career.

AP/IB credits can be applied to the remaining three general education courses, to the electives generally, to required proficiencies (such as the mathematics requirement) and, in the cases of some majors, toward major degree requirements.

WM faculty members have adopted a new general education curriculum that aims to raise the liberal arts to the forefront of the undergraduate educational experience here. At the same time, it will provide the necessary flexibility for today’s high-achieving students.

We hope this clarifies the matter for your readers.


John Griffin and Lu Ann Homza

Arts and Sciences Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Dean for Educational Policy,

College of William and Mary

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