Giving a break: Finlandia discounts general education courses

HANCOCK – Finlandia University has instituted a discounted price for some core general education courses, which administration officials hope will bring more students into those classes.

Fredi de Yampert, Finlandia vice president for academic affairs, said the general education courses – which are not part of any major program – are discounted for the Finlandia summer class sessions from $665 per credit hour to $150 per credit hour.

De Yampert said Finlandia administration officials have been discussing the idea of discounting the general education courses for about three months as a way to get more students into those courses, which are often not well populated. The decision to do so was made last week.

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Kurt Hauglie/Daily Mining Gazette
Finlandia University in Hancock intends to discount the cost per credit hour for general education courses for the summer session from $665 to $150.

It’s hoped the discount will attract Finlandia students who are in need of electives for their degrees. Students attending other educational institutions who are home for the summer may also be interested in taking some general education courses for credits they can take back to the other institution.

For Finlandia students, de Yampert said the discount will help to take off some academic pressure.

“It’s more affordable to pick up another elective thus lightening their load for the next academic year,” she said.

The general education courses are open to local residents, also, de Yampert said.

“This opens up a more affordable choice for community members,” she said.

Local residents interested in taking summer courses should contact the Finlandia University admissions office at 487-7274. Payment options can be discussed then.

De Yampert said high school students who are dual enrolled can also take the discounted Finlandia summer courses. Those interested should contact their school counselors.

There is no minimum number of courses needed to receive the discount, de Yampert said.

When Finlandia students return next week from their spring break, de Yampert said they can talk to their advisors to discuss taking some summer courses.

De Yampert said there is one full summer session planned from April 29 to June 20, and two half sessions from April 29 to May 23 and May 27 to June 20. The half sessions are more intensive than the full session, but they should benefit students who have children who will be on summer break.

“It really works well for working parents who are students here,” she said.

Also this summer, de Yampert said Finlandia will offer art and athletic camps separate from the discounted general education courses. However, dates have not been set for those camps.

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