‘ General Hospital’ recap – Week of 3/25-3/29

Patrick watched a video Robin left at home. She talked about him moving on if something happened to her. Patrick then reflected on his encounters with Sabrina and her relationship with Emma.

At Dante and Lulu’s, Laura told Luke that they had to track down the Cassadines to find Lulu. A detective let Nikolas in. He hugged Laura, and was surprised to see her. Luke filled him in on the kidnapping. Nikolas replied, “I’m too late.” Luke asked what he meant. Nikolas apologized saying that if he had gotten there sooner he could have taken care of it. Then, a shot rang out and Nikolas was hit. Luke saw movement on the street below. The detectives on site then called in a description and location of the shooter.

Sabrina was happy Emma was at the hospital with Elizabeth for her graduation. Felix apologized to Sabrina for pushing her towards Patrick. Sabrina replied that she knew Patrick was putting distance between them. Felix said he’d been stood up too, but then Sabrina saw Milo nearby. Felix got nervous and told her that he didn’t expect him to show. Milo asked if they were excited. They discussed education and Milo said he’d love to get his GED and go to massage school. Felix was for all for it. Then, Epiphany called for the nurses. As diplomas were passed out Epiphany told Felix, “You and me are going to have fun.” When Sabrina received her diploma Patrick yelled, “Way to go Sabrina.” Epiphany then welcomed the Class of 2013. Sabrina told Patrick she was happy that he came. She then put on her mother’s stethoscope. Then, Patrick told her that he wanted to talk. In the corner Milo told Felix that he was inspired and congratulated him. Felix invited him to The Floating Rib to celebrate. Milo asked if Sabrina would be there and if Felix could put in a good word for him. Then, Felix realized Milo was interested in Sabrina. Milo then told Felix that he was concerned she might be taken but Felix assured him she was available.

At the PCPD Anna left a message for someone to call her, she said it was urgent and that lives depended on it. Dante then made his own call to get information on Lulu. Olivia showed up. He requested her help by using her visions, but she saw nothing. Dante got frustrated, started yelling at Olivia, Anna saw he was losing it and asked him to take a break. Then, he told her how worried he was about how long Lulu had been missing. As he apologized to Olivia, Anna told him shots were fired at his apartment. They arrived at the scene and the detective told them that the family was evacuated and that Nikolas was shot. Anna wanted info from Dante about Nikolas. Dante shared what he knows about the Spencers and the Cassadines. Then, they were told about the suspect, who was spotted in the park and ran outside. In the park they cornered the shooter who was Shawn Butler.

In the park Britt suspected her mother was in Port Charles for reasons other than visiting her. Obrecht said she wanted to visit and that other unrelated business was being taken care of. She then asked where Britt’s engagement ring was and accused her of letting Sabrina ruin her relationship. Britt then complained about Sabrina and Emma. Obrecht replied that the problem of the wife was removed before she even met the doctor. Then, she suggested getting Britt’s father involved. Britt said that she didn’t want “Papa” involved and looked scared at the mere thought of him knowing her current situation. Obrecht then told her to redouble her efforts or she would call her father. Britt said she would have done better if her mother ever had any maternal instinct. Obrecht slapped Britt and threatened her that she could take her out of the world too. Britt cried and her mother chastised her. Obrecht then said even if the mouse and Patrick got together they had one surefire way of pulling them apart.

Nikolas was brought into GH. Luke repeatedly tried to get Nikolas to tell him who had Lulu if he knew. Elizabeth came in and was surprised to see Nikolas. Epiphany threatened Luke to stay out of the way. Laura said if she found out who did this she would kill them with her bare hands. Elizabeth is at Nikolas’ side and told him to stay with them as things turned critical.

In the park Shawn surrendered to Dante and Anna. He said that he didn’t shoot Nikolas. He told them that he heard the shot and went looking for the shooter. Shawn then saw movement and pushed Anna out of the way as a shot rang out. There was a shootout. Dante chased the shooter. Anna saw that Shawn had been hit. She left him to look for the ambulance. Shawn heard movement behind him and reached for his gun but as he turned toward the shooter; Dante came from behind telling the shooter to drop his weapon. Nearby, Obrecht gave Britt a hard time while she cried. She believed Britt still had a chance to surprise Patrick. Britt thought it was too late. Obrecht asked Britt for ideas and wondered if she had to handle everything on her own. Britt mentioned the Nurses’ Ball. Then, Anna ran up asking for Britt’s help. Obrecht heard the exchange. Then, Anna and Britt returned to Shawn. Britt left quietly upon seeing the ambulance. She was surprised to see her mother waiting. She then told Britt that the Nurses’ Ball was the perfect place to spring their surprise on Dr. Drake.

Elsewhere, Anna tried to stop Dante from attacking the shooter. He demanded that he tell him where Lulu was. The shooter then started foaming at the mouth and collapsed. Anna pulled Dante off him saying he had taken a cyanide pill and was dead. Dante was distraught.

At GH Milo asked Felix if he minded if he asked Sabrina out. He said that he didn’t but Emma then piped up and said she did because she wanted Sabrina to date her daddy. Patrick listened to Sabrina apologizing for her feelings before he could get a word out. Then, Milo joined them and asked Sabrina if he could escort her to the party at The Floating Rib. Patrick got beeped and left before Sabrina answered Milo. He was disappointed when he later saw them walking off together. Emma and Felix were disappointed too. Later, Epiphany asked Patrick why he wasn’t going to the party. He explained that he didn’t want to get in the way of Sabrina and her date Milo. Epiphany called him out for being jealous, and snickered that he had let Sabrina go off with Magic Milo. She then got Patrick to admit he did think of Sabrina in that way.

At The Floating Rib, Molly told TJ that Alexis was at the PCPD getting help for Rafe Jr. They saw the nurses celebrating and Molly told TJ she wanted to attend the Nurses’ Ball. He invited her, but asked if she’d rather go with Rafe Jr. She replied that makes her TJ happy and she agreed to go with him. Then, Felix, Emma, Sabrina and Milo arrived. Milo wanted to make sure he didn’t interrupt anything between Sabrina and Patrick. He told Sabrina that he wasn’t and pointed out that it seemed like Patrick was interested in her. Sabrina replied that she didn’t see it. Felix and Emma joined Molly and TJ. They shared their disappointment about Sabrina and Milo with Molly and TJ.

At the PCPD Olivia “saw” Shawn waving a gun and yelled for him to put the gun down. Alexis was standing there and Olivia said it was another vision. She thought Shawn must be trying to protect someone. Then, they overheard a call from Anna that Shawn had been shot.

Things were critical for Nikolas at GH. Epiphany yelled code blue and called for a crash cart. They stabilized him and waited for an OR. Laura got a call from Scott and asked him not to come. She then called her mom to check on Spencer and warned that Helena could be involved and for Lesley to keep a close eye on Spencer. A doctor then came and said they were ready for surgery. Laura hugged Elizabeth and waited with Nikolas. She told him not to leave them and kissed his forehead. Meanwhile, Luke left a message for Anna. Alexis arrived looking for Shawn. Luke told her there was another shooting. She joined Laura and Elizabeth with Nikolas. Alexis wondered if Nikolas was the intended target. She left to see Shawn arrive. He was happy to see her. Luke came in worried for Laura as they took Nikolas to surgery.

Bobbie and Scott arrived at the Dante and Lulu’s looking for Laura. A cop told them Nikolas had been shot. He called Laura who told him to wait there in case any information came in about Lulu. Scott was worried but disappointed Laura was protecting Luke and shutting him out. Bobbie apologized. Scott said she should be sorry because it was her fault there ever was a Luke and Laura. They then took a walk down memory lane. Bobbie reminded him that he was about to spend the rest of his life with Laura. He asked about her life in Seattle and her son Lucas. Bobbie confessed that she wished he would find a nice young man to settle down with. They toasted happy to see each other again.

Milo visited Patrick at the hospital and asked for his permission to see Sabrina because she had feelings for Patrick even if he didn’t feel the same way. Patrick replied, “Who said I don’t feel the same way?” Milo explained his feelings but said if Patrick had dibs on Sabrina he would back off.

Lucy, Felix and Sabrina met Carly at the Metro Court. They toured the newly renovated Ball Room. Felix walked away from the group. Sabrina followed and they agreed that he was upset about Milo. Felix explained that Sabrina had broken the friendship code and they fought. Then, Michael arrived and shared that Lucy had roped him in to performing at the ball. Carly told him privately about a moment Robin and Jason had at another Nurses’ Ball. Michael then received a call from Dante but couldn’t help him. Scott showed up to see Lucy and told her how upset he was that he couldn’t support Laura because of Luke. He told her that he needed a distraction and asked Lucy if he can help with the Nurses’ Ball. She bopped him on the head and told him to go to the hospital anyway. He agreed and left. Carly and Michael touched base with Lucy to discussed Michael’s act. Michael then left to meet Bobbie at the hospital. Lucy was happy to hear she was in town. Felix then pulled Carly aside and told her about Sabrina stabbing him in the back. Carly wouldn’t let him wallow in self-pity. Sabrina snapped at Lucy who said that she didn’t have time to nurture. She told Sabrina to drop Milo to not lose a friendship. Sabrina called Milo to come to the Metro Court. When he showed up, Felix stepped in before Sabrina let Milo down to tell him that Sabrina wanted Milo to be her date at the Nurses’ Ball. Lucy and Carly exchanged a happy glance. Carly left Sam a moving message asking her how she and Danny were doing.

Alexis took Shawn home to recover. TJ, Molly and Sam gave him a hero’s welcome. Later, Alexis updated the girls on Nikolas and Lulu and apologized for not working on Rafe Jr’s case. Sam worried about their safety. Alexis thought they were safe but didn’t understand why Helena would attack Nikolas. Molly left to check on Danny. Alexis asked if Sam was recovered from the Steven Clay incident. Sam told her that Caleb wasn’t evil, he just wanted his wife back. In another room, TJ told Shawn what he meant to him. Sam grabbed TJ and Molly to get pizza but they dragged her to the Metro Court to help Lucy. Alone, Alexis told Shawn her place right now was with him.

Anna shows up at Dante and Lulu’s to tell Dante that the sniper had been identified as someone having ties to Helena. Then, Anna gave him a pep talk and asked him to meet her at The Haunted Star before she let. When he arrived she tells him The Haunted Star was gone. Dante called Michael to inquire if there was any reason it would have been moved. Anna got info that Quint saw The Haunted Star leave the harbor last night. Dante thought it was in international waters by now.

Bobbie waited with Laura at the hospital telling her Scott would love to have been there too. Then, monitors went off in Nikolas’ room. They walked in to find Luke with a syringe. Laura slapped him when he said he was trying to wake Nikolas up. Bobbie confirmed the adrenaline in the syringe hadn’t made it from the IV to Nikolas. Laura then got physical with Luke and refused to trade the life of one of her children for another. Scott arrived after Luke rushed out on Laura. She told him what happened and asked him not to leave. A second later she decided to follow Luke and find Lulu. She left Scott at Nikolas’ side. Outside, Bobbie comforted Luke and was confident that they would find Lulu. Then, Dante and Anna showed up. Dante said, “I think we know where Lulu is.” Anna debriefed them. While waiting for the ship’s coordinates from Frisco. They got the proper paperwork before heading off to The Haunted Star. Back at the docks, Dante left for equipment and Anna told Luke that Dante would meet him later and they would have agents for backup. Then, Laura ran up saying she was coming. They took off in a helicopter.

Patrick bumped into Elizabeth at the nurses’ station. She saw the picture of Sabrina and Emma when she picked up his phone. She told him that she knew Emma sent it to him on graduation day and asked why he showed up that day. They discussed Sabrina and Elizabeth is pleasantly surprised that Sabrina may have snagged Magic Milo. Patrick said he has baggage and maybe he should let Milo make Sabrina happy like he claimed he could. Elizabeth changed Patrick’s thinking and he picked up the phone to call Sabrina.

At the Metro Court, Lucy met TJ and thanked Molly for the jailbreak. TJ started helping and overheard Molly update Lucy about Rafe Jr. Lucy was eager to help Rafe Jr. while nearby TJ appeared tired of hearing about him. Then, Anton bumped into Sam asking if he knew her while Milo was pleasantly surprised for the invitation to the Nurses’ Ball. He offered to help. Milo stepped away and Sabrina told Felix that she would have blown Milo off for Felix. Felix told her that their troubles were his fault and hugged her. All of a sudden Lucy started rallying the performers for rehearsal when a familiar voice rang out, “Richard’s here with joy and cheer!” Lucy gave Richard Simmons a hug and announced he was choreographing their opening number, a song he wrote for the ball inspired by his gossip with Nurse Amy Vining. They started the music and practiced dancing the “Luke and Laura Dance.” Lucy shut the music off after hearing all of Port Charles’ secrets in the lyrics. Richard defended his song as being the truth didn’t doesn’t care about offending Monica. He thought Bobbie would let him do it. Lucy argued it was her Nurses’ Ball. Epiphany broke up the fight. Sabrina piped up and asked for a compromise. Lucy said the song was out and Richard replied, “No music, no choreographer,” and left throwing a goodbye to Milo. Sabrina brainstormed and TJ offered Molly up as a lyricist and thought he could do the music. Felix then said that they still needed a choreographer and Anton volunteered to help. Lucy wanted proof. Anton said he needed a partner. Felix volunteered but Anton invited Sam, who declined. Epiphany stepped forward and Lucy decided she would test out Anton’s skills. While Sabrina was busy Milo declined an incoming call from Patrick on her cell and deleted his message.

Spinelli visited ELQ at AJ’s request. He calmed Spinelli’s fears and told him that he could make it up to him by finding the missing heir. Spinelli agreed to take on the task and hoped it would help his relationship woes. AJ was since Spinelli and Ellie were “perfect geeks” together, but Spinelli told AJ that Ellie doesn’t want children and he does. AJ told Spinelli not to back down if that was what he wants. AJ had to leave to practice with Elizabeth but Spinelli told him she was probably at the hospital worrying about Nikolas. AJ left for the hospital. Ellie found Tracy lurking in the lab. Tracy tried to bribe Ellie and offered to open up the Ellie Trout Laboratory. Ellie refused the money and Tracy compared her integrity to Spinelli’s. Ellie defended Spinelli after Tracy threatened to leave him homeless. Tracy wasn’t impressed with her loyalty but Ellie confessed their break-up was about differing opinions about having children. Tracy complimented her that she was a woman of principles and should stand her ground. Thinking they had an understanding, Tracy tried again to get the recipe. Ellie explained it was sent out for an independent analysis and that the results would be forwarded directly to AJ. Tracy left and Ellie called the lab to check on the results. She was happy when Spinelli showed up so they could talk. Meanwhile back at ELQ, Tracy was going through AJ’s office. A delivery guy came in to drop of the lab results. Tracy said she was AJ’s secretary and signed for it.

Alexis asked Rafe Jr. what he was doing at her home. Shawn took an opportunity when they were alone to make Molly’s relationship with TJ clear. Rafe Jr. offered to go to the Metro Court to see Molly but Alexis said she’d be home soon and invited him to stay. She then made a call to check on Nikolas. She was surprised by the news.

Back at the hospital AJ caught Elizabeth coming out of Nikolas’ room and asked how he was doing.

Outside Nikolas’ room, Elizabeth told AJ that she couldn’t believe this was happening. Alexis arrived at GH. Elizabeth explained that Nikolas’ heart stopped twice during the night. Alexis sat with Nikolas and gently demanded that he get better. AJ comforted Elizabeth. She confessed that Nikolas was more than a friend and mentioned her affair with him and the baby mix-up. AJ said he thought Helena made Tracy look like a walk in the park. He told Elizabeth that he’d never judge her and that he was a phone call away if she needed him. They hugged and AJ left to see Ellie. In the lab, Spinelli told Ellie that he had found clarity after speaking with AJ and he decided that he wants kids. Ellie thanked him for his honesty, said she wouldn’t reconsider and they argued. Spinelli asked why Tracy was at the lab. Ellie told him that the recipe was safe and got back on topic. Spinelli said they were at a crossroads. He told her that he didn’t want to break up. Ellie bumped into AJ after Spinelli left. AJ asked about the lab results. Ellie confirmed results were delivered and pulled up the delivery information on her tablet. AJ read the signature line that said, “Kiss my tuchess, AJ. I win.”

Felicia brought Maxie food at the apartment. Maxie couldn’t eat from worry over Lulu. Felicia explained Frisco was helping to find Lulu. Maxie confessed her dad wanted Felicia back. Felicia said that she knew and recounted how Mac punched Frisco, how Mac was mad at Felicia and only would only speak to her through Mr. Marbles. Maxie confronted her about sending mixed signals and wanted to know who Felicia wanted. Felicia said she had to talk to Mac and left. Later, Spinelli arrived needing someone to talk to about having a future without a child of his own.

Mac played ventriloquist with Mr. Marbles at The Floating Rib to practice for the Nurses’ Ball. Frisco arrived mad about being sucker-punched. Mac told him an apology was all he was going to get. Frisco talked about family and Maxie’s baby. Mac told Frisco she was just a surrogate and he couldn’t use that baby to get Felicia back. Mac wondered how low Frisco could go after using his kids all the time to manipulate Felicia. Frisco punched Mac and confessed his love for Felicia. He thanked Mac for being good to his family and told him to let Felicia go. They were arguing about what Felicia wanted when she arrived. Mac told her to tell Frisco she didn’t return his feelings. She said she couldn’t do that and that she loved them both. Mac told her to choose.

Luke and Laura were lowered onto The Haunted Star via helicopter. Luke wanted to sink it when they were done. They were prepared to face the dragon lady. Helena found them with guns drawn in the bar. She told them that it seemed like old times and invited them to make themselves at home since it was their boat. Her henchmen came in and Laura handed over her gun. Helena requested Luke’s gun for Laura’s life. Luke obliged and Laura demanded Helena give back their daughter. Helena replied that she didn’t know what her sons ever saw in Laura. Laura asked if she would shoot them like she had Nikolas shot. Helena was shocked and upset to hear of Nikolas’ shooting. Luke asked, “If you didn’t have him shot then who did?” Helena didn’t believe them and slapped Luke for his wise-cracking. Laura called GH to prove it. Alexis picked up Scott’s phone in Nikolas’ room. Alexis told them she would stay there until he was out of the woods. She was caught off guard when Helena said to see that she did or she “slit your throat just I did to your mother.” Helena hung up and Laura demanded to see Lulu. Helena denied her claims that Laura was responsible for what happened to Nikolas. Helena then took a gun and threatened to put an end to everything by taking care of Laura. Outside, Dante climbed onto The Haunted Star in a wetsuit.

Back at the hospital Alexis told a still unconscious Nikolas that his grandmother actually has feelings. Elizabeth came in and heard Luke and Laura had been captured. Elizabeth asked about Dante. Alexis said that Helena didn’t mention him.

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