CFCC adds Honors Program

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – An Honors Program will start this fall at
Cape Fear Community College. 

Students at
Cape Fear Community College will be able to apply for the new program
if they have a 3.5 GPA or above.  

Organizers said it will allow students in the new program to
take challenging course and also help them when applying to four year schools,
potentially helping them get a scholarship.

Michele Mathis, who is helping to start the program at CFCC,
said students are able to take part in departmental honors programs at
four year schools, which involve what they do during their junior and senior
year. However, they are not able to take part in university honors programs,
which involve general education courses taken during the
first two years of school.

“University Honors is a comprehensive program in most
schools that requires some of their general education requirements be taken at
the honors level,” explained Mathis. “If they have done all of their general
education requirements here, when there wasn’t honors available, then when they
get to the four year school, they’ve kind of missed the boat. We are hoping by
creating an honors program, we are building bridges for these students.”

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