Bangladesh International School euphoric with its meritorious students

Syeda Amtul

Saudi Gazette

– Bangladesh International School – English Section (BIS-ES) celebrated the success of their students in the 2013 Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) on Friday in its school premises.

Consul General of Bangladesh Md.Nazmus Sadat Selim was the chief guest of the event.

He congratulated all the meritorious students and lauded their efforts.

“I feel immense pleasure to see the success of the students; these successful students are our future leaders, I hope for shining futures of them.”

The school’s governing board members Kazi Neamul Bashir, chairman; Dr. Jalal Uddin, vice chairman; Amir Muhammad, head of education; Golam Sarowar, head of finance, were the special guests.

Bashir said: “This celebration was long cherished but we waited for the moment to come as we all were eagerly waiting for the CIE rankings.

“Finishing IGCSE means you have crossed a phase of your lives only. You can consider this as a beginning of the next phase. You need to go a long way to overcome other hurdles; please never give up. You can do and reach your target, the requirements are only dedication, sincerity and honesty.”

He added: “BIS-ES is a renowned name throughout the world. Our achievements are recognized by the world. When you get a world rank, you defeat all the peer students of the world.”

Amir Muhammad, head of education of the school’s governing board, said: “The award ceremony of this evening is memorable for all particularly for the awardees. This is the outcome of hard work. The success comes only in this way.”

Proud of his students, he lauded the efforts of students, teachers and parents. “I hope you all will become more serious in your future efforts. It will glorify your future career and thus the entire nation.”

The top achievers of the school are Nahian Hasan Zaim, Shahiq Shahidullah Sarkar, Esha M.shah, Conchita Rahman Khan and Nowrin Islam.

Shahiq Shahidullah Sarkar topped in Saudi Arabia and achieved the second place in the world in A-level Accounting.

Nahian Hasan Zaim bagged the third position in Saudi Arabia for securing best across four A-level subjects.

Esha M.shah topped in Jeddah in English as a second language in IGCSE.

Conchita Rahman Khan was the topper in the Kingdom and third in the World Food and Nutrition. She also stepped in first for being the best in eight subjects.

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