Raghav Mantri, Managing Director, Indian Educational Services currently is also a Research Member at Asian Dermatoglyphics Research Centre (ADRC) and an Advisor at International Centre for Brain Research Development.A winner of ‘Karnataka Excellence Award’ in 2011 and ‘Education ExcellenceAward’ in 2013, he brings enormous amount of experience in the field of education.

Indian Educational Services (I.E.S) is a premier Education Consultancy, headquartered in Bangalore and has 13 other regional offices located across India and Nepal. The major markets penetrated by I.E.S are Karnataka, North Eastern India, Nepal and certain parts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Founded in 2008 by Raghav Mantri, the company has added many successes to its wing by winning ‘Karnataka Excellence Award’ in 2011 and ‘EducationExcellence Award’ in 2013.I.E.S mission is to create an environment for the moral, social, cultural and educational progress of the citizens of the country in realization of an egalitarian society.I.E.S is the first educational consultancy in India to introduce the service – ‘BrainMatrix Test’, which can help students select career most suited to them scientifically.

Replying to Yash Ved of IIFL, Raghav Mantri says “India has the world’s largest population in the age bracket 5 to 24 years, about 450 million of which constitutes the Student population.”

Brief us about your business model?

Indian Educational Services (IES) work on a simple model of providing end to end services for student community at large. Right from helping them select the right career to providing them assistance in filling up application forms, up to securing them admission in their desired institutes.

When a student visits IES, first of all we get a Brain Matrix Test done through which we are able to advise them career options, which are best suited for them. Followed by the initial consulting we help them apply to Institutes where these courses are available.

We are also tied up with over 98 Institutes with the support of which we are able to admit the students in the course of their desire.

The Admissions facilitated by IES are strictly confined to the reputed Colleges which are affiliated to genuine Universities and recognized by the Government of India. Due to its expertise and excellent services, IES was awarded as the ‘Best Education Consultant’ in Bangalore for 2011 2013 by Brands Research. Our vast services include Brain Matrix Test, Counseling Admission Guidance, General / Spot Admissions, Institutional Promotions, Centre for Distance Education and Local Guardian Services.

What is the outlook do you see for education industry?

India has the world’s largest population in the age bracket 5 to 24 years, about 450 million of which constitutes the Student population.  It is expected to continuously increase even as the world’s population ages and diminishes. Apart from this, we are currently living in a time when the formats in which societies have consumed education services are in the midst of a change.

This change is the result of several factors including the emergence of the knowledge economy, the need for re-skilling and retraining, available of Internet for collaborative learning, the low cost computing revolution and the breaking down of barriers to education mobility. All these factors put together will keep education sector as the most promising industry in India.

How many centres are you planning to open in FY14-15?

We are targeting to open 30 centres by end of this year.

What is the major growth drive going forward?

The major growth driver of our brand has been its reliability and service delivery. Apart from this, we have always introduced innovative services like Brain Matrix Test and Local Guardian which has always helped us to stay above competition. Increased horizon of our services and innovative new methods for scientific consulting is expected to help us grow tremendously.

What are the major challenges do you face in this industry?

The education consulting industry is still unstructured; there are a lot of unorganized players who offer consulting services. While the small players are mushrooming they are not able to add value to the needs and requirements of a student and most of the time default in what they promise to deliver. This adds to the agony of the student/parent which at times results in them not believing in this model.

How many students you have currently? What is your target?

We have successfully counseled thousands of students thus helping them to make successful career choices. Our target is to reach Tier-B Tier-C cities where there is huge requirement in terms of providing reliable counseling to students.

Any tie ups with other institutions?

We are tied up with over 90 Educational Institutes and 7 Universities across India

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