2 female teachers injured, driver dead, in car accident

A rollover crash near Hujrat Alshait, a town 170 km to the south of Hafr Al Batin, resulted in the death of the driver, while two female teachers who were also in the vehicle, were injured.
Sources told local media that both women were administered first aid treatment by the Saudi Red Crescent, and that one of them is in serious condition. The driver, who died almost immediately after the crash, was a Sudanese national.
Spokesman for the general directorate of education in the Eastern Province, said the accident took place on Monday morning. The official also confirmed that the two females are still under treatment at Al-Suaira Hospital and that despite their injuries, their condition is stable.
The administration of the educational complex where the teachers work said the distance between the women’s residence and the school is not great, and that the main cause of the accident was the speeding vehicle, which collided with another car. Classes in the school were canceled in the early morning hours, as soon as the news were heard, as it was rumored that the two teachers had died in the crash.
Females in the education sector said traffic accidents in which women are involved, must be considered from the Sharia point of view in order to provide female paramedics in the Red Crescent.
One female teacher who preferred to remain anonymous, suggested finding radical solutions for women in the education sector who travel far distances from their homes to teach, either by providing decent lodgings for them near the school premises, or reconsidering the system as a whole.

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