134 schools in Riyadh need renovation

Assistant Director of Buildings in the Riyadh Education Directorate Fahad Al-Yasi said that the education directorate has compiled a list of 134 schools for boys and girls that need to be renovated. The renovation will involve repairing toilets, redoing flooring and wiring and painting the buildings. The education administration is awaiting the approval of funds by the ministry for starting work.
This information was disclosed during a meeting of the Riyadh Education Directorate held ahead of the new school year and chaired by the Director-General of Education Directorate in Riyadh, Ibrahim bin Abdullah Al-Mesned.
Al-Mesned confirmed the importance of the process of gathering information and preparing field reports allocated for the departments concerned for the next academic year, and developing appropriate plans to ensure the success of the directorate’s work.
Members of the directorate reviewed during the meeting the field plans for the readiness of the departments concerned, the implementation mechanism, the card for visiting schools and the readiness and needs for the next academic year.
Secretary of the Riyadh Education Directorate, Tariq bin Abdul-Mohsen Al-Dhubei, said the directorate is tasked with preparing key plans for the start of the new school year by providing the requirements of the members and the teaching staff and ensuring the readiness of schools with regard to furniture, books, laboratory equipment, playgrounds and buildings.
Al-Dhubei continued that meetings of the directorate will be held every two weeks in the months ahead to find out what has been achieved and to take the appropriate decisions to accelerate some of the administrative and financial procedures.

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